She’s too beautiful for modern man.
She maybe deserved kisses to make her smile.
She’s just an image upon dead canvas.
Still heart stopping.
Focus of many eyes.

She’s lacking colour.
Dreary but still stunning.
She’s worth a million dollars.
Actually priceless.
Not for sale.
Sure some would buy her if they could.

Her face is fixed.
Antique lady.
Gay Paris.
No smile.
Watching the tourists as they just keep passing by.



Well, I started writing a novel a while ago.

Sadly my P.C broke and this dopey woman didn’t keep back up the old one.

I will start again as of tomorrow.

I will write it in weekly chapters.

Its title will be “LEAVING.”

It will be full of twists and turns.

I shall look forwards to sharing it with you.

It will start with a poem, my favourite writing genre.

It will end with a poem.

I sincerely hope it captures your imagination.

Livvi x


Stop That Bloody Din!

My dishwasher talks perfect Chinese.
My t.v.chatters rubbish.
The birds talk many different tongues.
Children scream incessantly, they just a bunch of mutters.
The checkout squeals delightedly as you satisfy it’s need.
The radio with the useless tuner cackles like some ancient hag.
Patients all shout out at once, “nursey nursey, come see me,
I’m desperate for a flaming’ wee.”
The train rattles through the station it’s flipping late again.
Sorry spoon apologises as it clips my cup, puts a bit of sugar in.
Coffee time just came around, now that’s a cheery din.
(c) Livvi

Hello Everyone.

I haven’t had much breathing time for a while.

Work has taken precedence over much of my free time.

I am back now.

I can see all the smiles.

Next Saturday 29th August I am taking part in a charity fundraising day for THE AMY WINEHOUSE FOUNDATION.

It is being held at THE TALKING HEADS on PORTSWOOD ROAD SOUTHAMPTON from 1300 and it will continue late into the night.

I will be presenting some spoken word poetry

Do you know what?
Tomorrow never comes.
Well it didn’t for you.
Sweet baby blue.
Blazing voice.
Swallowed by success.
A musical soul.
Through your veins ran such talent.
Opened your mouth and pleasure flowed.
What once was magic.
Bought forth wretched tragedy.

Talent damaged by a life of dreams of lemonade bubbles.
Lemonade full of trouble.
Hubble bubble.
Double trouble.

A diamond in the rough.
Tragic ending.
My god.
The loss of such amazing talent.
Amy sweet Amy.
Queen of the voice.
Sleep well.
Feed the ears of the world.
Still dance in the shadows.
You may in persona be gone.
Powerful voice without end.
Tomorrow and for many more tomorrows we keep you near in heart and mind.
Tales of being taken much too soon.
Of your sad loss the tales are true
Sleep long and peaceful.
Peachy lady.
Only the good die young.
Dedicated to Amy Winehouse.


Sushi lies, shining eyes.
Diamond mines and speeding fines.
Wines and wonders.
Many blunders.
Cash injections.
Saving grace.
Losing face.
Firing gun, setting sun.
Suicide bomber’s numbers up.
Sadly, badly.
Crazily madly.
Laying beyond.
Into future.
Kingdom come.
Setting sun.
So many tears.
So many cry.
Man and his madness.
Makes cherished world die.
Created of vinyl.
Beaten by heat.
This place is not sweet.
Disgraceful murder taking place daily.
(c) Livvi


Black cabs and ab-dabs.
Dashing through London streets,
High heels and crippled feet.
Back street bars,
wealthy sheiks,
ever running,
Hide and seek.
Black panther’s in lippy,
Colourful hippies.
Turbans and tunics,
Kiddies in cotton with mud on their bottoms.
Big Whigs and stiff prigs.
Market stalls and rubber balls.
Undergrounds and all around.
City beats, it’s hopping on.
On and off off of buses and train.
London love life kicking pain.
Picks up his drink and thinks like a fish.
A couple more beers, three seconds of fun.
Slipped into his glass.
Glass one, two three,
Freedom four.
Needs more.