Well, Wednesday has arrived at last.

Sun shine breaking through the chill,

Less mist/freezing fog today.

Noted this morning ,that I have a tree in the garden, barren for the winter time. Greeting the sun with some neat little bundles of leaves in construction, yay, I guess it’s a time for new beginnings. When all else fails, praise nature…a big smile!

Not doing much today.

Continuation of the bedroom strip down, only taken a week, but incentive is what’s needed. Intermittent episodes of poem penning, other creative writing.
On Monday, I wrote one based on an episode of a children’s programme, Justin’s House. It was called Lost Island, well worth a read. You can find it on either of my Facebook pages and Twitter.

I presented it on Monday evening at The Orange Rooms in Southampton, U.K.

My youngest daughter videoed my performance and sent it to her big sister.

Just love performing, wish I could sing. My singing terrifies cats.

Oh well, time to crack on with broadening smile.

Livvi x





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