Well folks tonight was wonderful.

A simple coffee with a gentleman turned into a night to remember.

I strolled across The Guildhall Square in Southampton, U.K. just as darkness descended.

The square was beautifully illuminated with bright white light that appeared almost flickering azure blue, probably the theatre lights, as they were prepping for the evening’s show.

The Little Shop of Horrors. I quite fancied seeing it, right up my street, but instead I met a young gentleman who took me for a coffee as previously suggested.

We went into a café managed by a wonderful friendly team.

The café was Café Momento, the service was marvellous.

Definitely  a date to be remembered!

I had a slice of lemon cheesecake, succulent and very light….mmm, licking lips at the t thought and a delightful cappuccino, and my partner had a black coffee.

I noticed the array of teas available was most exquisite.

It was still very early and we decided that we would go and check out some live music, so we ventured out for an early evening meal.

After much discourse we decided that we would plump for Italian.

There are numerous Italian restaurants in Southampton, but definitely chose the right one. I’ve never been there before, but I believe we chose wisely.

We went to La Tavernetta at 1-3 Civic Centre Road.

What can I say, the food was to die for, not literally of course!

I had  a delicious Spaghetti  Carbonara, flavoured with an absolute taste of Italy.

My companion had Penne Pollo, he informed that it was delightful.

The restaurant was  lightly lit with an atmosphere of perfect ambiance.

It was very busy, but the staff made it their priority to make us feel that we were the only people there.

The sweet menu was brought to us a short while after we had finished our mains.

I had a perfect Tiramisu, accidentally deciding to take a great big bite out of the fresh mint on top, goodness me, I’m a wally at times!

The gentleman had an apple crumble, with custard.

I have to say all the waiting staff looked immaculate, considering the kitchen is on the second floor, and they had to bring the food down they all looked unflustered.

The toilet facilities are on the top floor, they are really clean and fresh.

Just one drawback, you have to pass the staff on the way up and down. Must be annoying for them with customers passing as they are going about their job.

All in all a wonderful evening.

I will tell you about the band tonight, after I have had a little sleep.

Hence having to come back and edit this piece this m0orning.

Livvi x






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