Well this morning’s arrived.

Seemed to come around much too quickly.

Last night, I watched a duo, in an ordinary pub in St Denys.

They were very good, playing a mixed assortment of covers.

I know people moan about cover bands, but they do have a distinct advantage when they play in front of an old dear like me….At least I know the words.

Ultimately there is some fabulous original new music out there!

Some very talented acts come and play at the open MIC nights that I attend.

I usually go to the Candle Club at Talking Heads in The Polygon , Southampton.

It’s on most Monday nights.

Monday nights are thrilling.

An assortment of Bands, soloists, poets and comedians, with occasional comedians.

Such talent.

The acoustics are fantastic there’s a  resident sound man!

His name’s Clive and he also effects the lighting.

I do my poetry as spoken word, for about 10 minutes… after all ,have to consider the other performers, as time runs away much too quickly.

Some of my poems have been made into songs, they can be found on Sound Cloud and Bandcamp.

They are being performed by Yui Karlberg, who kindly supplied the music and converted them to lyrics.

I’m just starting lyric writing, definitely a better poet…LOL.

You can find my books on both Amazon.co.uk or Lulu.com.

I have done two or three books on Kindle.

If you like poetry, please enjoy them.

I also have my own Facebook page, a page of poetry and photographs.

Olivia Kent, a profile picture of me in thought prior to writing.

My musing pose.

I love to write.

Enjoy , my work?

Let me know.

If you want me to write for you please let me know, available for any commission work.

Anyway, lunchtime now ..

Have a great Sunday.

I’ll check in again later,

Livvi x



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