Candles burn brightly guiding the sight cruising from midnight unto daylight….aforesight dreams of daily scenes, images in magazines, all at the turn of the hands of the clock.
And so the cock crows.
He gets up your nose, he begs you awake.
Strangle the noisy beast.. the tone on the cell phone that steals your sleep.
Where cobwebs hide behind the eyes of the sticky sleeper, tear filled weeper. starlight sweeper, secret keeper, chaste with tight, secrets hid in the night.
Locked inside here where shadows hid, where love’s denied and shall all shall hide, for never ever rest in peace ,of raging dreams and stolen sleep.
Of parapets and parakeets that keep you away from rest,the
noisy birds they are the best.
Locked inside there was two of us now there’s only one.
He melted in the heat of a vibrant summer sun.. a puddle on the pavement, a melted mess of sticky stuff, missing sleep, mourning love.
Vodka tonic and all that stuff.
(C) Livvi
Inspired by a chat conversation with noted lyricist..Martin Brisland.
Thank you Martin.


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