…In death I just slipped into the next door room and there you’ll find me contemplating the ever eternal…I have a smile in my heart and my mind is still alive…you cannot see me, but you feel me and I’ll always be there.
Never do I regret the things we did and didn’t do.
Days of floral roses, days when skies flew blue.
I shall remember you at midnight.
I’ll be sitting in spirit at the kitchen table, all alone.
Never again will you see me, feel my tender touch.
I will play from time to time.
I will watch you sleeping peacefully, maybe kiss you on the ear.
You will find my coffee cup upon the side.
A trace of fading lipstick left.
My scent will linger forever, in the mists of time.
I shall not be forgot.
My spirit a forget-me not.
And true love never dies.

This poem is on my you tube…under Livvi Kent posted it this morning x


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