Suddenly the stars went out,
The moon glowed cold.
A wild sky.
Tormenting winds.
The clouds blown into obscurity.
Blocking moonlight from thee and me.
Howling dust coated landscape reared up in front of me.
Blankness of sunless expression.
The war made it’s darkest impression.
I saw a rat scurrying over there, beneath the shadow coated wall.
The dead wrapped in their silent shrouds, as wall images.
Poor sods.
Oh God,
No God?
Somehow, you still hold my hand.
Maybe we just hold each other up.
Into my tranquilised eyes you stare.
I stare back into yours.
No music, no love, mere existence.
The wireless crackles …—…
There must be someone out there,
So now what do we eat?


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