Perchance you may find it beneath a granite lump.
Upon the moors where ’tis stranded.
Stuck hard and fast.
It knows you’re there.
It decided to hide.
It’s playing games.

The rock is heavy.
Too heavy to bear.
It made a decision.
It’s just staying there.
It’s quiet and peaceful, in this here quaint spot.
It tells me it’s staying there, under that rock.
Until the mood strikes it, to break free.
When the sunshine of summer brightens it up.

For it’s love that decided to stay there under his rock.
He told me in a feisty voice that he would come out again.

Wasn’t ready just now, his last vile partner was a cow.
He said he thinks too much.
The pressure of the expectation of his being is blistering his brain.
And still he hides under his rock, wrapped up in a soggy sock.
Loves hides himself in quite the weirdest spots,
He can’t remember what to do.
He told me he just forgot.


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