He lived next door to her.
Well sort of.
It’s just a poem of let’s pretend,
Her gorgeous friend is what he is.
His mischievous smile lit her heart.
She felt his image in her eyes.
He passed her by.
And she smiled back at him.
That’s the just sort of thing she does.
He lapped it up.
He swallowed her smile.
In his body and in his heart.
Hide and seek so you shall find.
She thought of him.
He thought of her too.
He wondered why on earth she liked someone.
who didn’t fit the bill.
Values absconded.
Chucked in the rubbish bin,
Buried in the cabbage patch.
To wait and see what slowly grew.
Like a sugar doughnut this heart is chubby.
A centre, oh so sweet.
Is so full up with feelings.
They’re making both of them blue.
(C) Livvi


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