Puts on her heavy kinky boots.
Flicks her hair back over her shoulders.
Slap on her face.
She’s out on the pull.
Wants to snatch another fool.

This girl she looks so flaming cool.
Her fingers smart.
Nails manicured.
Scented lady.
Red hair then falls over her face.
Out on the hunt has no disgrace.

She cares not who she snares.
Cares not who she hurts.
Just out to catch the jack of hearts.
Like the jacks caught her before.
It’s ladies night.
She’s out to even the score.

Physically will not destroy them all.
Use abuse him like a toy.
Mentally she will make him.
Every little tiny bit.
Make him want her all.
And more.
Her turn to even up the score.
Want her with power.
He will want to send her flowers.
Will want to feed her chocolate dreams.
To try to make her melt.
This iron lady.
When death meets in a furnace.
Only will her heart melt again.

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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