Daddy dear.
You were cold the day I touched your hand, although you were alive.
Colder still the day you died.
Could not kiss your furrowed brow. 
The last time that I saw your pallid face.
Chilled entirely by the fateful kiss of death.

Dear Daddy.
Left behind so much unsaid.
In a world, a resting world.
Played like a violin, somewhat out of tune.
Now nothing can atone the missing moments.
You know those ones we rarely shared.

Father dear,
Yes, that you were.
In marriage I was made.
The ultimate move I made.
I touched your hands, clasped in peaceful death.
And I said “sorry”.

Into the fire your heart was burned.
Since that  day some thing I learned.
You left me a gift.
The greatest legacy.
Somewhere in my geno-type.
Mapped out my dearest love to write.
You wrote too.
I never knew!

(C) Olivia Kent. All rights Reserved.


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