Welcome to Southampton.
My home.

From the bowels of the ground.
Roman history found.
Bones of legions of soldiers, interred.
Trinkets, medieval of iron and brass.
Safely locked away undiscovered.
The city underground, now found.
An excavation of city life from ancient days.
Museums forgiven for Victorian remnants withheld.
Now set free for all to see.

Delivered Titanic in majesty unto evil seas.
Where devils of ice took a chew from her bow.
Reflect on what became of her now.
Where folks sang in harmony, as anchors raised.
Her magnificent glory, all beauty praised.
And children played on the quayside.
The future was locked and lost at first berth.
Monsters of seas snatched her from Earth.

My city my home. 
Steeped in histories mysteries.
Kept safe in the diaries of time!


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