Angels Don’t Have Wonky Eyes!

Angels Don’t Have Wonky Eyes!

A Little Dark Humour for You!
Angels Don’t Have Wonky Eyes!

Going through those gates of pearl,
Sudden vision ,
Lovely girl!
Charismatic aura,
All smiling,
Glorious halo,
Supported by nylon strings,

This nefarious fellow,
Shocked to end his days in heaven!
Spun round while greeted,
By angel discreet,

Realised revenge was truly sweet,
Ex-wife was angel he did meet!
Angel turned to him and smiled,
No longer meek, 
No longer mild,
Really feeling rather wild!

Fallen came to fetch him
Gonna take you straight to hell,
Said she,

Had to create a little story,
Dedicated to his lost glory!

With a knowing wink and a glint in her eye,
She grabbed his arm,
Sorry honey,
We gotta fly,

He made her dance when she was alive,
The karma effect, 
She had revived!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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