Evil Brilliance!

Evil Brilliance! 

Once upon a dream.
There was a brightly shining star, 
Hanging in the heavens.
Above Adelphi’s garden.
In the garden was a tree.
Upon which hung a golden ring.
Caught the eye of scavenger.
A bird who snatched the ring away.
Dropped it in her nest.

Those baby birds they wriggled.
The nest fell to the floor.
Ring of gold and diamonds,
It landed on the deck.

There came a thief in disbelief.
Could not believe his luck.
Picked brilliant gem up, 
Wandered to the pawn shop.
What did he spy with his little eye.

It was really a porn shop.
He gave the ring to hooker sweet.
Just for a bit of fun.
She sold it to a friend
So she could buy another fix.
The fix she got was pure.
Her heroin her lure.
Got her trapped.
Stuck in the mix.
It stopped her turning tricks.

The dealer discarded the ring from his pocket.
Maybe feeling guilty.
Came back the magpie bird.
The bird of vengeful scavenging.
Picked trinket up in her beak.
Took back to her tree.
There you found it.
Stole it back.
That brilliant gold was really black!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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