Who judges sobriety.The sober and sane.

Who is it that deems lunacy.

The one who doesn’t comprehend.

Who is that screams insanity.

The one who believes he possesses humanity.

Who preys on innocence.

The manipulator.

Who feeds fire.

The oxygen supply,

And life itself.

Who gives love.

The one who wants it.

Who dines on emotion.

The one who is hungered.

Who pricks conscience.

The problem that needled.

Who matters.

The reader and man’s perception

Who cares.

The nobody cares.

Who prays for forgiveness in the darkest of days.

The one who so seeks absolution.

Who receives love.

The one who warrants it.

Who wants loving.

The everyone does.

Who needs another.

Be it as friend, sister or lover.

Who sits on high, surveying.

The condescending one, that looks down their nose.

Who is the shark with a bite of cold steel.

The dealer of death’s darkened cards.

Who is the dream that lurks in the fog.

Love is the dream that lurks in the smog.

Who are the ones that you left behind.

You know not who until you are dead.

Who are the ones who play with your mind.

Seek and you shall find.

Are you the one, 

The one everyone wants.

You are lost in a blizzard.

You are the one.

The spirit of the lonely age.

You are the one that spits fire enraged.

By ladylivvi1  © 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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