A Year in the Life!

A year in the Life! 

One minute past midnight on the first day of Jan.
Was born a baby girl.
Six pounds two.
With eyes of sparkling sapphire blue.
Crystal skin and a mop of brown curls,
Blessed with cherry rosy cheeks.

On the first day of February.
At quarter past two.
She took her first faltering steps toward you.
Fell landed on her bottom with a bump.
Knocked her head
Oops a lump.

The first of March.
She had a ball.
Her first day at school.
Didn’t like it much.
Missed her mum. 
School wasn’t cool.

The first of April, she was no more the fool.
Became a teenager,
Adult school.
She liked it a little bit more.
Found friends.

May the first her bubble burst.
Found her first boyfriend.
Went to the Imax.
Played let’s pretend.
Pretend that they were adults.

June came in.
Her love had grown.
With emotions like she’d had never known.
Everything tickled and felt really sweet.

By July they were wed.
Happy ever after.
Or so it was said.

In August,
To them,
Twins were born.
A lad and a lass.

September came.
Her joints began to ache.
Her once shiny hair streaked with grey.
Wrinkles crept across her face.
Still with laughter lines, ingrained.

October carried grandchildren.
Life, bought them to her door.
Who, but her could ever want more.

November came.
Her hair was white.
She really couldn’t leave her chair.
Her husband passed.
He left her low,
Feeling abandoned.
All alone.

End of December.
Christmas came.
Christmas went.
Twas the end of December.
She passed.
Breathed her last.
January the first bought her a funeral.
Cost a pretty penny.
Well spent.
Buried beside her darling.
At the crest of the hill.
And so the sun went down!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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