A Christmas Gift…The gift of a Future!


Bless you.
A future from a Christmas gone.
So brave it was to raise a smile.
One brief life exchanged for two.

Your son had gone in tragedy.
He left a heart.
A gift that grew.

From one family’s last Christmas sorrow.
Another young man was given tomorrow.

The heart of young man died.
In another he did arise.

Lifted from near death.
To a future of universal chances.

Gave such a wonderful gift.
Tonight they meet.

A spoken thank you face to face.
So bless those who lost their son.

A bright future for the one.
To see another rising sun.

Seized another day.
Saved and thanked.

Another young mans life was spared.
Before it was sadly lost.
Thanks to bereaved parents who cared.

And thanks to the lost son.
Who blessed his parents who spoke his wishes.
Before in tragic death he left!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)

Tonight on T.V. a father will meet a young man whose son died so another could live. He died in an accident last Christmas. The father so wonderfully gave his son’s heart to another young man in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

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