Do You Know?

Do You Know! 

Do you know who she is?
Do you know where she is?
Do you know how to love?

She is the spirit.
The spirit that flows. 
The one least expected.
The love that you found.

The sneeze that tickles your nose.
She is beauty in a picture frame.
Painted in guilt around the borders.

She is the breeze that enters your head.
Preventing your spirit.
Stopping death in it’s tracks.

She is the heart that beats.
Sometimes advocates retreat.

She is the honour in written words.
She is the dignity on the wings of sweet birds.

She is the artery the pumps you away.
She is the tide that you ride.
She keeps your beautiful body alive.

She is the white water raft.
Crashing and bashing you.
Leaving you stranded on perilous rocks.

She is the one that plays with your brain.
She is the provocateur of deepest of your pain.
All of it.
Each and every little fragment.
Smashed as memories mirror shards.
So now do you know who she is?

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


2 thoughts on “Do You Know?

    • Thank you Alex…I just checked yours out to! It is also interesting!
      I just write what I feel at that time…it’s not really mood affected and most of it isn’t personal.
      I just love to play with words.
      Once again thank you Olivia.


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