Midnight Caller!

Midnight Caller! 

In darkness came a sound.
A scratching banging sound outside the bedroom door,
Buried my head under my pillow.
My sack was laid at the bottom of the bed. 
Waiting for Santa to rear his head.

Ho Ho ho..oh hellish no.
It was not Santa.
Was just a man with giant claws.
Huge teeth,
Unfolded wings.
The vampire who delivered Christmas in an evil sort of way.
As vile bloodsucking leech.
He stole my Christmas Day.
Vile and cold I was discovered by my children and my lover.
Drained of blood.
All cold and pallid.
Stocking left untouched at the foot of the bed.
This Christmas day my heart is dead!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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