Cautionary Tale!

Cautionary Tale!

In the meadow in front of the manor house.
The long grass invited them.
Suggested they step in.
Hand in hand they strolled.
As kissing in the grass they rolled.
Never did as they were told.

The Lord of big house he came.
Caught them playing naughty games.
He stood watching as they played.
The foot man and me the parlour maid.
Master whispered in her ear.
‘Tut tut come here.
I want you for myself my dear’.

The foot man got his marching orders.
The lord of the manor he smiled and said,
‘ Get here sweet, wench, we’re going to bed’.
Sweet wench smiled with a twinkling eye, for she would so much sooner die.
But as a servant has to do.
She had to do as she is told.

She stood there with her index finger, placed discreetly between her teeth.
Looking so seductive.
With eyebrows high, head tilted subtly to one side.
Although, him she found repulsive.
She got him hot.
Loved him not.
She said she needed to freshen up.
Dashed off to find the loo.
That’s what she said.
What she had to do.
Instead she found a telephone.
Rang his honest wife.
Told his wife of infidelity.
She paid for telling with her life!
By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)

A little humour!

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