The Cafe of Lost Dreams!

The Cafe of Lost Dreams! 

Drink a toast to the dreams that got lost.
Sat in the world of  the single minded.
The location of shattered dreams lost.

No longer whispering. 
Ghosts of long gone dreams wail.
They scream as banshees of doom.
Predicting solitary misery.

Not destitute, 
Quite happy really,
Hell maybe, I am, 
I am not.

The music plays and I drown in it.
Swallowing it, hook line and sinker.

This funny woman,
A deep thinker.
An amusing muser.
Somewhat bemused.

She lives on the planet of miserable cow.

The couple next door.
Sharing a lunch, 
One between two.
In oblivious dreams of true romance.
New romantics perhaps.
As lucky sods and demi-gods, 
They sat and munched their lunch.

The she listens to the music, listless.
In a place where no-one can dance.
Tapping my foot in time.
Yes my friend.
I said in time
And the music strokes the air.
The music gets stuck in my auburn hair.

Soul to soul, 
she is bare,
My coffee went cold.
Should I maybe be so bold.
To stay and listen to more.

And the music became more.
So much more.
My inspiration on this glorious day.
Passion in full view.
C’est la vie.
(And Alaric ,my friend).
May the devil enjoy my play on words,
Such injustice be kindly greeted.

Would prefer to tickle angels, with my words instead.
Sooner meet the Lord of Love, 
When I end up dead!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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