My obsession lays only with Calvin Klein.
A proper noun with capitals.
A drifting strong aroma.
Another obsession in my world.
Is sometimes somewhat lighter.
I am an obsessed pusher.
Obsessed only with my pen.

If I can create an image well.
Then hell so be it.
Real people I don’t like much.
It’s only words I wish to touch.
Desire fires obsession.
It’s just a bunch of words.

Sweet strawberries so succulent bring words of summertime.
Clouds weigh down around my head
Dark winter days of misery.
Moments when I wish I was dead.
I put my pen to work.
Writing darkness scarily black.
About bursting eyes.
Where no-one dies,
Except emotion cruelly slaughtered.
By the one known only in kindness.
As the smiling devil’s daughter
Definitely no relation.
Just the mother of eccentricity.

Kindness in persona.
To be so dark.
That’s very rare.
In a heart that’s ribbon bound.
I write my words with tender care.
Sometimes, just to remind the world that I am still there.
Moreover, like a hornet.
I cheese you off and get stuck in your hair!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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