I Miss You!

I Miss You! 

Today I walked along the path.
Where in the summertime we lay.
Watching planes scoot through summer skies.
Watching sapphire dragon flies.
Beauty blessed on the wing.

Today I touched the leaves of oak.
Discarded by the autumn breeze.
When I felt the leaves.
I felt you too.

The leaves have fallen.
Crispy now.
No furry coats.
Just cold and damp.
I kick the litter of the leaves.
In memory of what you left behind.

Today I realise.
How much I miss you so.
The dragonflies have died.
Drifted off through winters chill.
I’m sure the summer warmth.
Will bring forth their kith and kin.

Love me one more time before we crash and burn.
In words you spoke to me.
Never love a poet.
They will set you free.

With this sweet sentiment.
I whole heartedly agree.
Except with natures blessings
When poetess and poet man.
Slip together.
So naturally!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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