Never Ever!

Never Ever! 

Never ever date a lady poet.
With sparkles in her eyes.
Don’t ever love a poetess.
With bands of roses round her head.
For she’ll throw your life in turmoil.
You will never forget her.
Her with words of tempered steel.
Will state out loud just how she feels.

She will not want to marry you.
She wants not anyone.
For deep within the gift of words this widow’s truly spun.
Should you win her heart.
You must keep safe till both grow old.

Be bold if she inspires you.
Igniting true love fires.
Carried by words in bolts of lightning.
Hear her words as as thunder ringing.
Afore those eyes that read.

A fire that only true love feeds.
Compliment her on her choice.
The woman with the written voice.
In dulcet tones of silence, a writ.
She will pick up her pen.

Write once, 
Write twice, then only she will write again.

Take in hand a poetess.
With her cruise the universe.
Never let true love be terse.
You may find that she pens a verse.
She’s not averse to love.

She only dreams of heaven.
Twas lost love that made her write.
From many years ago once lost.
The beautiful poetess.
Secrets of pain hide.
Hid behind those brightly sparking.
Twinkling eyes!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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