Poets Heart!

Poets Heart!! 

Ambulance chased harsh tragedy.
Took the young man home
Beep beep, crash.
Paddles without a boat.
Asystole.. gone gone gone.
Cadaver gave donation.
Thank you.
Bless his holy soul.
Pray may he rest in peace.

The diseased heart of the sad man beats.
Hammers a struggle every day.
Called in.
In a mighty dash.

Prepared for transplantation.
Of this wonderful donation.
Once alive cadaver renewed.
Life lacking quality.
Was given quantity.

Once deceased heart beats on in another.
Released to live and breathe again.
Was much too young to die.

Four chambers full with emotion blooming.
The heart transplanted was that of a lover.
A poet.
The beating heart beat at a ton.
The battle won.
A tad too fast, but built to last.

The worthless one with no value.
Picked up a pen to write.
Poems of power flowed to the sea.
Up the mountains over the trees.
Strange enthusiasm.
Never before felt.
The hard cold man began to melt.

The victim of tragedy.
Left legacy.
Wholly unexpected.
The once was poet.
Renewed his heart.

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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