The Bank! (Dark Humour)

The Bank! (Dark Humour) 

It was getting late.
In a rush the customers flooded.
Desperate to make one last deposit.
Before the bank was shut!

The tellers waited patiently.
For all of them to leave.
Shuffled off in virtual silence to catch the last bus.
They were are rather knackered.
Did not want to fuss.

All feeling rather drained.
Looking rather pale and stressed.
Nearly all dying for a rest.

The bank was shut.
Fridge switched on.
One and one along they come.

Heigh ho (A/O )
What’s your fix.
Or maybe a cocktail.
I’m sure I can mix.

Said the waiter in black tight tuxedo.
Crisp in white shirt.
I can see him you know.
Behind the bar.
Stood in the corner.
They tell me his name is Jack Warner.

Offers a warning to all the girls.
When running his fingers though their curls!

Gets those bags out.
Filled bursting with claret.
Passes one to the girl on the left.
She smiled fangs bared.
Audacious enough to believe he cared.
The emotionless creep in the immortal sleep.

Waiter turned round and smiled at me.
Fangs glinting in the light.
Obviously only electric.

The vampire bar became a tad hectic.
‘Well me darlin’, what’s your poison’
I smiled real cute with a mischievous grin.
Reciprocal comment came out mighty quick.
Mine’s a coke.
I was ‘avin a joke,
Don’t like them bloody weird folk!

‘You bloody vampires make me real sick!’
Left the blood bank.
Like a bat out of hell!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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