Being Me!

Being Me! 

Child of war.
I am not.
Gentle as a lamb.
The wind changed.
Strengthening the world inside

Lest the world dare forget me.
Innocence is not my name.
A wild child in a body somewhat haggard.

My sword crops up now and then.
The temper can fly vile.
My tongue can lash as cat’o’nines.
Cast out aspersions, 
Fly on golden eagle wings.
Bearing with them curses.

Blessings too, at times.
As passion flower.
Rages infernally.
As hell shocked woman scorned.
Pretty in pink at times.
Virtual silence orally.
Never in the written word.

A vibrant life of tragedy.
On a world of pages posted.
A sow, a cow.
A box of trouble.
Her temples will never crumble.

She is strong.
Sometimes cries.
Regularly dies inside.
Her will will be a match for many.
She suffers not fools gladly.
Never in a daydream.
Not ever, never even in a dare.
Who cares?

If I were able to do a degree.
I’d do a degree in poetry,
Then the world would see the real me!
Bring on the high heeled bitch!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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