Lust! (One asterisked bad swear word)! 

Lash me not with your tongue.
Tie me up in velvet ribbons.
Soft edged with shiny silk.
Handcuffs you use to keep me trapped.
Be sure you do not lose the key.
A spot of erotic filthiness between only you and me.

Halt me with your kisses
A proper way to spend some time.
Mention not the loving issues.
Bursting out the front.
Taking your loving issue and stuff it up my c**t.
Don’t forget the tissues.

As an afterthought.
Use them to dry your sullen tears.
To wipe your eyes, as I am leaving.
After all these years.

Whip cracked undeniably.
Around my bottom cheeks.
While my fist it bled your lips.
Between my nipping teeth.
I bit.
As I made you bleed.
Your request not mine.
Hell boy.
Whatever, your perverse requests.
You are still mighty fine!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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