Controlled by a Dream!


Went off with the madman
The madam did go.
In an element of control he came.
Dragged her to his home.
A cave,
Somewhere dark.
Very cold.
Only way in.
The same way out.
He lived in the back of beyond.
He swore love undying.
While her brain he controlled.

They dined on grubs,
while they laid on their rugs.
With the bonus of somebody’s discarded hard pizza.
On top of a pair of old itchy cushions.
Grabbed at their tatty grey scratchy blankets.
Edged in navy blue.

Tried to leave the madman in his hiding hole.
He said ‘babe you’re going nowhere’.
His voice full of control.

Her friends in the hovel of brothel did warn her.
There are nuts in them there hills.
Don’t go out alone.
Would she listen,
Not a chance.

So here she found herself.
Dining on mice.
With the madman, who lived in the cave on the hill.
She wanted to leave.
Never will.

As in her food another tablet.
Eat my dear, eat you will.
It’s just another sleeping pill.
‘For you honey, you will never leave of your own free will’.
Wanted you then.
I want you still.
Escape attempts are truly futile.
No-one around for miles and miles.

Then my phone rang.
Sat up with a jolt.
My escape imminent from the otters damp holt.
From a dream mega.
Relaxed and broke free.
Somewhat relieved.
Wrapped myself in my cover.
Went back to sleep!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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