Sons and Daughters!

Sons and Daughters! 

Two sons standing tall and strong.
Essence of British.
Defend their own free will.
Guard well their family a fighting force.
Soldiers of fortune.
With Ink marked skin.
It is their skin they’re living in.

Eldest defends, his sons all three.
Brother and sister’s.
They all protect me.
Even when I muck up.
Yet another time.
Stand strong. 
Defending one another.
All defending me.
The woman of many mistakes

Loud and proud.
In both actions and deeds.
Two young men who do protect.
These English men so true.
Sister’s reputations cossetted.

My daughter’s of which there are two.
The youngest.
She is really beautiful of face.
She plays the mamma keeping house.
Her baba’s cooking slowly.
In the safest place to be.

The other the eldest of the two.
She is not maternal.
Another pretty lady.
More natural in her style.
Loves to travel.
Adores sport.
Football and rugby her best friends.

If I had a crystal ball.
My predictions they would be.
My family not divisible. 
Little daughter will be a perfect mum.
Eldest daughter.
Clever one.
Will do much more than she’s doing now.
She really is a brainy cow.
My boys will build a huge success.
Empires of their own.
Between us, at last. 
My lovely family.
We’ll work as a team.

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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