Ribbons! (Very Dark)

Ribbons. (Very Dark) 

Take the silken ribbon from my hair.
Wrap it tight around my neck.
For on cold nights of loneliness.
In darkness.
My cold body sits.
My neck bruised in compassion.

Once there in sight.
Was once there in mind.
There for company.
Seek and thou shall find my friend.

Embalmed behind a sullen smile.
Such quiet company.
In dignified silence sat.
My mouth stitched shut.
Calling out is not aloud.

I feel you watching me.
While in eternity I sleep.
A presence around me.
I feel that you want me.
Caught by skeins of royal blue.
Oxygen depleted.
In a tapestry of captivity.

But I am not yours.
Only God can set me free.

(I have no  organised religion, I am agnostic. The last line…just seemed to fit.
I am a Robert Browning fan and a Poe fan. Hence the darkness!).

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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