The Nightmare!

The Nightmare.

On the slab in total innocence.
From on high it fell.
Rescued by care.

Tenderly in safety.
Protected and cosseted.
Dear sweet thing I think.

From on high she blared.
Mother screeched how much she cared.
As if the Red Baron attacked.
Wanted to bloody my eyes.

Flying in bombs.
Causing such fear.
Ran indoors.
Safe haven near!

Impact must have hit my head.
For in the night.
I got a poison visit.
Dispatched from my mind’s eye.

Woke up in a dozy state.
Get inside super quick.
Fear set in.
Made me almost sick.

That bird.
That scary bird entered my head.
In my dreams in wants me dead.
Tried to get back in my home.
How the could I break free.
Don’t let her ire get me.

Should have pushed the handle down.
Shoved the door to set me free.
The racket I made released my fear.
Safe and sound was really here.
Woke up in blind panic.
Fear was manic.

Woke up in my room.
Wrapped in sweat.
Really no more need to fret.
Left that dream deep in the gloom.
Realised I hadn’t left my room!

This is a true story stemming from childhood.
I lived in Devon and a baby seagull had fallen out of it’s nest.
My school friend and I decided to rescue it.
It’s mother soon realised.
When ever she saw us she attacked us.
This obviously disturbed me so much that I had a dream.
I was desperate to escape from.
I woke up to find I had disturbed the entire family trying to escape from my bedroom.
Instead of pushing the door and putting the handle down I was pulling the door towards me and screaming.
A mega noise…LOL
By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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