Broken Sleep!

Broken Sleep! 

My sleep tonight.
She flew out of the window.
Carried off on night jar’s wings.
Seeking out the silent owl.
These ungodly hours.
Sleep drifted in abnormally.
Chased me.

Caught me unawares.
Just after nine I found repose.
Just a bloody mere doze.
Woke up at three with head of words.
A good night’s sleep.
Much needed gift.

Now out of sleep so short I drift.
Finding words.
Totally miffed.
Brain on fire.
Going berserk.
Few short hours til I work.
Gee whizz, Livvi,
You’re such a jerk!

By ladylivvi1© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


4 thoughts on “Broken Sleep!

  1. Nights like that are so terrible. You just know you’re gonna be draggin’ your butt all the next day and still you can’t reach ‘peaceful and restful’. Good write, Livvi, but you aren’t a jerk. You’re a victim of Sandman Neglect. LOL


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