Eye Candy!

Eye Candy! 

Candy drips from lips of sin.
Causes terror lurks within.
A masquerade of misery screams round once silent streets.
Lonesome spirits impaled by pain.
Noisy spirits cruise again.
Catacombs unlocked.

The dead go a holy march.
For it is all hallows eve.
Where holiness hides under cover of dark.
Evil shadows leave their mark.
Imprinted on the sidewalk.
Paper chase of discarded dreams.
Strewn into the gutter.

Trick or treat they say on this most unholy day.
For this night will soon be done.
All good souls they shall.
Remember remember.
All souls day is the first of November!

Happy Halloween my friends. xx

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


2 thoughts on “Eye Candy!

  1. Great Halloween poem Olivia, we had a good night but not very many children this year . 22 in total, I think they went to the malls and community halls…..


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