And So The Wind Came!

And So The Wind Came! 

Clouds amassed in morning sky.
Grey and dancing.
Breeze fresh.
Blowing as the winds of change
Legions, brimming full with rain.
Appearing as sentinels. 
Protecting the concealed sun.

Matinee brings with it the weather.
Acting out her violent scenes.
And so the wind came.
Lashing of legs tied in her bite.
A thrashing inferno that’s burning with pain.
So stealthily the rain it came.

Let not Saint Antonio visit.
The saint of fellows lost.
May the blast not purge us in it’s wild whip.
Let the wind not bring amass of rain.
Dispatch not floods our way.
Let the hurricane play and bay.
Her heart’s content.
As wild hungry hound.

Barometer pointer swivels.
Storm it shrieks.
Melee over land.
Let Heaven guard the seas.
May the sea control her swell.
Keep all safe and well!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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