My World!

My World! 

Welcome to my world.
My heart.
My brain.
‘Tis a house of fun.
Where sunshine reigns.
Wind bubbles.
Grown children play.

So what do I do with my gift of life.
Have one lovely lover.
My heart him adores.
He too writes poems.
Scores and scores
Won’t be his wife.
Never at least till the twelfth of never.
My precious time.
Hours upon hours spent at work.
Gee whiz, mind numbing.
Probably makes me a jerk.

When In my land of sanctuary.
My pen comes out to play.
Have an imagination.
Somewhat sublime.
Sublimate perhaps.
Very surreal.
Subsumed as poet.

Sometimes drift down Dante’s way.
Poeish at times.
‘Fraid God doesn’t feature in my life.
Am spiritual, bit of a hippie chick.
The queen of love’s emotions.
Enters my world as dozy notions.
Nothing else would I choose.
I paint pictures in oils and words.
The words are a little better.

Insular is my real world.
At work I’m so exuberant.
Indoors tranquil.
Give me pen.
Feed an me idea.
I will present.

As varied as the weather.
I am indeed.
Like my writings.
Feel free to read.
Now I open my world to you.
Come and seek my strange point of view.

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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