The Swan and the Morning Train!

The Swan and the Morning Train! 

Friday morning.
Sun shining brightly.
Train jolted to a sudden halt.
Guard announced over tannoy.
Somewhat garbled.
Sorry ladies and gents.
‘We have an issue’.
Can go no further.
Moaning morning service users.
Became somewhat foul mouthed abusers.

Hey guard, what’s happening’.
Can’t open the doors.
Stuck in this spot.
‘Okay ladies and gents I’ll level’.
There’s a swan on the track.
Our path is blocked.
With a concerned voice he announced.
My fat controllers agreed.
These doors can be undone.
Morning commuters all begone.

Stepped from the train.
Peeped to right.
In front of my eyes a magical site.
Cygnet sat. 
Greyish brown on the rails.
Waterloo train.
Held to ransom.
A foot away from death he sat. 
Not flustered.
Guarded by the queen.

Went to work.
Cared all day 
About how swan got taken away that day.
On way home 
Asked the staff.
Relieved at last.
Taken away safe and sound.
Now I smile!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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