What will I do on my last day on earth?

Will it be tragic?

Will it be magic?

Will it be accidental?

Will it be mental?

At the end of my life, what dreams did I hold?

What dreams did I meet?

How many demons did I meet, greet and defeat?

Not going mad or  becoming demented, just had a strange flash on the bus,

Listening to a dude reading loud and proud from his Koran,

Got really quite scared as terrorists attack in defence of their religion it seems.

I sit listening to his chants, rambling, his mumbles,

Wondering if I have a chance of romance when my heart is so cold.

Will I be alone as I take my last breath!

So as I get older my dying day I await

I’m not really feeling terribly great,

One thing for sure.

A thought I adore.

The chances are I won’t see my own dying day!

Well, I hope not anyway!

Copyright Olivia Kent 29/03/2013.


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