Fallen Angel Part 5!


Devil real angry.
Gathered collection of earth’s evil leaders.

Dragged them home screaming.

Back into realms of hell they fell.
His dominion.
He loves it well.

Grabbed a million executed witches.
Once burned strapped onto their stakes.
The devil a gambling man.
Hedged his bets.
With these ladies.
Chaos on earth could he make.
Evil leaders.

Creation of earthquakes.
A fusion of cracks through earth did break.
As champagne fizz.
Fires burn effervescent.
Bubbled over.
Such vile evil stench.

Earth mantle dressed in disarray.
Mother Earth total disorder.
Fires of hell released. 
Avenged the earth.
Witches carried from hell on lava flow.
Spat evil curses over many lands.

Men on earth screamed out in prayer.
Immortal incantations beat.
Clouds break.
Angelic hosts.
Cover lands with holy ghost.
With love and sensibility.
Evil was once more beat.
Once more goodness triumphed.
Man once again set free!

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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