Memories of Ignorance!

Memories of Ignorance! 

Survey the bay.
Dolphins play just off shore in sapphire half-light.
Roll of warm water,
Lapping jetty’s edge.
Ocean treasures frolic.
Almost laughing in unison.

Tranquil in virtual silence they splash.
Warmth left engraved in heartfelt memories.
Was no tropical lagoon.
Torbay as a child.
My home.
Distant to me now.
Fond memories bless my mind.

Parents in tow.
Not sure who led who.
Not dolphins at all.
Still elegant.

Departing parents separated.
Never forgot the place.
I miss the sea.
Like a dolphin I’m free.

On my last visit.
Committed Father to the flames.
Without him.
I’m shamed.
My memories of him. 
Few and far between.
He too was a poet.
When alive.
Had no chance to say ‘bye bye’
A total lack of interest felt.
So tell me please.
When at his funeral.
Why in hell’s name did I melt.

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)

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