Fallen Angel Part 4!

Fallen Angel Part 4 ! 

The demon danced on the highway.

The highway led direct from hell.

Was the start of trouble brewing.

Going to find the wife who fell.

Came up.

Surveyed the situation.

Went to view the league of nations.

To present his case to all the world.

He wanted back his sexy girl.


He stood all dressed in black.

Not a hair out of place.

All slicked back.

Six foot four with wings of steel.

Evil eyes.

Such man appeal.

Pledged allegiance to the United Nations.

Would not listen to this beast of disgrace.

Did not want to listen.

To the story he wrapped up with lace.

Be gone vile fiend said the court of the 


You are a disgrace.

Remove your face.

So the devil he did.

Visage not of beauty.

Wrinkled face of ages past.

No sexual horn.

Summoned his minions.

Lucifer’s spawn.

Invaded the courthouse.

In earthly realm.

World war was born.

Who on earth was to take the blame?

By ladylivvi1


© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)



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