Under The Bed!

Under The Bed! 

Where shadows creep.
Nightmares lurk.
A child cries.
Fear not dispelled.
Sandman will not venture here.
For he too.
Is filled with fear.
In the secret land under the bunk.
A trunk.
What nastiness concealed therein.
If you’re brave enough to move it.
Below it is a hole.

The hole descends deeper and deeper.
At the base of the hole.
Lives the Grim Reaper.
What could be unleashed.

Better put it back quick.
He won’t miss a trick.
To put pay to all life on this magic planet.
That would give him such fun.

Should shove it back.
It is very heavy.
The trunk made of wood.
Padlock in situ.
Wrought iron in black.
With eerie designs engraved with strange runes.
Decipher the code.
You can’t understand.
Perhaps they said ‘leave well alone’.

Being a hero, an intrepid explorer.
Decided he wouldn’t be able.
Dragged it out left it by the old table.
No desire to open the box.
Got his caving gear out.
Searchlight on a miner’s cap.

Down he went,
Down down down.
Was dark and damp smelled of mould.

Rustling in the ether.
A sound he heard.
Fear set in.
Adrenaline rush.
Rushed faster than he.
Scrambled up the side out of the pit.
A lucky escape I am sure.

Dragged the chest back under the bed.
Shaking he fled back out through the door.
Surveyed the situation.
All was quiet.
Crept back into bed.

Covers over his ears.
Still shaking a little.
Never had a dream as thus.
What it is to be brave in dreams!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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