Fallen Angel Part 3 !

Snuffed out the candle she held in her heart.
All feelings obliterated.
The smell of molten wax.
Spent matches magnified.
Love for Lucifer.
Collapsed imploded.

Rescued by the angels.
Determined not set her doom.
From depths of depravity was rescued.
Snatched back from the world of gloom.

Lucifer was angry.
Really rather peeved.
His mind was full on angry.
How dare angels enter his domain.
Their fiery chariots.
Built a strong channel.
How dare they breach the arch .
So free they ran between heaven, hell and mother earth.
Left Lucifer rather insecure.

Brimstone leaked.
Broke free from hell.
Would not let the angels win.
He could never tolerate angels
Venturing in here.
He desired no goodness.
Wished for no joy.
Decided in a rash decision that he would venture into heaven.
To catch his bride.
Maybe the cause of war all round.

Would carry on til wife was found!

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


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