Creeps into full room unseen.

The fatherless child of loneliness.

Stood up in solitude.

Unnoticed in  noisy melee.

Rips a soul to shreds.


A vicious circle.

A cycle of lies.

This near friendless soul.

A choice ingested.

Used to flying solo.

Habitual situation.

Being Alone.


Loneliness eats.

Delicious at times.

Most of the time.

Writing autobiography.

Just moments on a tapestry.

Love is still.

Still and silent.

Need love.

Just doesn’t fit.

Can’t do it.

A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Opulent at times.

Olivia Kent 04/10/2013.

Destitute at others.

Upward moving.

Stranded in whole self.

In a world full of nations.

Copyright Olivia Kent 04/10/2013.




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