Goodbye Summer!

Night shadows illuminated by the first morning light.

Highlighted before they fade.

Filtering through once sapphire skies.

Breaching the boundaries.

Betwixt morning and night time.

Yet another day erupts.

Rampant shift from dark to light.

Rapidly waltzes in.

Street lights fading.

One click in unison all flick off.

Tresses shuffling.

Lifted by the  much cursed chill wind.

Disheveled by the morning breeze.

Substituted the sumptuous radiance of summer sun.

As autumn kisses trees.

Undresses them with windy blast.

Attends to foliage with paintbrush.

From greenery fresh and bright.

To vibrant fiery orange.

Yellow before they tumble.

Lay dry on the earth.

Waiting for sweeping or blowing away.

As summer expires again.

The garden covered.

Excess waste.

Memoirs written.

Of summer left behind!

Olivia Kent Copyright

October 2013




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